It’s Been Awhile…

*Starts singing the Staind song to my cat*

Sorry for the radio silence! It has been a super busy summer for me. Between my beautiful research trip to Scotland for an upcoming trilogy with the super talented Jessica Wayne, I’ve also been writing two books at once for the last couple of months.

I am plugging away at Queen of Light, which will be the last book in the main story line of the Chosen series, although it will not be the last book in the Chosen world (huzzah!). There is one spinoff set to release next year that will be a trilogy in its own right, along with at least one other planned spinoff.

*phew* I’m tired just thinking about it! But also super excited.

It’s thrilling to see the threads of the story finally come together, with events that I set into motion in book 1 finally being uncovered in book 4. There are a lot of twists and turns, and at points it can get pretty bleak… but that’s what makes it exciting right?

If all goes well, Queen should be out in October of this year (barring any unforeseen issues). I can’t wait for you guys to read it. Now I should probably get back to writing it… lol

In the meantime, how about a look at its gorgeous cover and an excerpt from the book to hold you over?

       Ronan stared into the bottom of his mug, surprised to see that it was already empty. 

       “I do not get the impression that you are celebrating.”

       Ronan looked up into eyes the color of forest leaves. “Reyna.”

       She dipped her head in greeting, but gestured again toward his cup. “Do you want another?”

       “Need and want are two very different things.”

       “So this is definitely not a celebration.”

       Ronan’s lips twisted in a mocking smile. “There are days you think a wound has fully healed only to find that you have simply grown use to the pain.”

       Reyna’s eyes glittered with understanding. Gesturing toward the empty seat next to him she asked, “May I?” 

       “By all means.”

       Reyna swept her skirt to the side and gracefully lowered herself into the chair. The movement was so smooth, Ronan was reminded of the way shadows slide across a forest floor.

       He eyed the dark-haired woman beside him. Her face was wiped clean of the Night Stalkers’ iconic face paint. In its absence her skin glowed, complementing the golden flecks in eyes. Ronan would say that she appeared more feminine, but that wasn’t strictly true. Reyna had never appeared anything but feminine to begin with. It was more a sense of being tamed, although one only had look in her eyes to see that the wildness was barely leashed. She was a feral creature, more suited to the starlit shadows of the forest than the glittering decadence of a ballroom. Ronan let his eyes wander along her body, appreciating the way her dress showcased her curves, even as he wished she was wearing her black leather instead.

       Reyna coughed pointedly.

       Ronan was slow to pull his eyes up, only grinning as she shook her head at him. Ronan shrugged, not bothering to apologize for getting caught. 

       “There are many men who have felt the sharp edge of my blade for daring to look at me that way.” Despite the threat, amusement laced her voice.

       “Lucky for me you don’t have it on you.”

       The words had barely left his mouth when the shadows around them rippled and Reyna’s hand, now gripping a golden dagger, was at his throat. “Don’t be so sure about that.”

-unedited and subject to change-
copyright Meg Anne 2018

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