Star-Crossed First Look

Happy #WIPWednesday. Today’s treat comes to you Straight Outta Gotham, I mean Star-Crossed  heehee. The lovely Jessica Wayne and I are working hard on this one. We’re kinda in love with these guys.#HolyDimplesBatman #CursedHearts #SkyeandLucas

“Seems we finally have something in common.”
“I suppose we do.” His finger fiddled with the lid of his coffee cup and Skye wished he would just spit out whatever it was he was thinking. It was impossible to ignore the effect he had on her when he was sitting this close.
“Can I ask you what you meant this morning?” he asked, surprising her.
“What do you mean?” She feigned ignorance hoping the alarm bells going off in her head weren’t reflected on her face.
“When you told me to watch out for my sister.”
“What about it?”
“Why would you say it?”
Skye paused, trying to think of an answer he would believe. “Because being a single woman in a big city can be dangerous. I’ve had my own run ins with bad people, and I just get the feeling that your sister is a kind soul. The type who would trust easily. I didn’t mean anything by it, just a ‘be safe’ type of thing.”
He nodded but she could see he didn’t fully believe her. Great. The last thing I need is a cop on my ass. Hopefully this means he’s at least taking my warning seriously.
“Well in that case,” he stood, “you be safe too, Skye.” He was across her living room in a matter of strides, his hand already wrapped around her antique painted doorknob when he stopped to add, “It was great to see you again and not have you running away the first chance you got.”
“Hard to run when I’m already home.”
He grinned, flashing her twin dimples that had her breath catching in her throat. Holy dimples Batman. There were two of them. Those things should come with a warning label, she thought distractedly, realizing she had missed some of what he was saying.
“… I hope you can forgive me for the art insult—”
“Insults,” she corrected.
He chuckled. “I hope you can forgive me for the art insults and be friends with my sister. I’d really like to continue eating breakfast at her diner.”
Skye let out a laugh and followed him to the door. “You’re off the hook. I was never upset to begin with. Tell her thanks for the coffee.”
“Will do. See you around Skye.” With that he ambled down her hallway, taking the stairs at the end a few steps at a time. She thought she heard him singing softly under his breath, but she didn’t catch the words.
Skye watched until she couldn’t see him any longer and then closed her door slowly, resting her back against it and closing her eyes. “I am so fucked.”


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