Glitterbomb the Unicorn

This past weekend I took a break from the pre-launch chaos to find a little zen with my schweetiepie (who hereinafter shall be referred to as Moose.) Everyone say “Hi, Moose!”

There, now that that’s settled… so it’s no secret that I have a bit of an obsession with glitter (I did warn you, after all.) And rhinestones. And, well, really anything that shines or sparkles. I blame it on my formative years spent as a competitive dancer.

I’m pretty sure I’m part unicorn at this point because a trail of glitter seems to follow me wherever I go. You will find it in my house, on my clothes… on my cat. You get the idea. It’s turned into a bit of a running joke with my friends and family. My growing collection of unicorn paraphernalia probably doesn’t help matters.

That last one is AMAZEBALLS, it combines two of my FAVORITE THINGS. But I digress. 2018 has been a bit more intense than I counted on, and I really needed some quiet time to let the chatter fade away and relax. So this weekend, complete with Bob Ross murmuring about happy little trees and accidents, Moose and I painted and constructed this beauty.

When Moose stuck that in my Christmas stocking and said he was excited to watch me dive into my arts and crafts closet, I’m pretty sure everyone in a 10 mile radius heard my resounding, “Challenge Accepted!”

I wish I had a camera to capture his expression as he watched me pull bag after bag of glitter, rhinestones and metallic sparkly paint out of my closet. It’s one thing to know about an obsession, it’s another thing entirely to experience it. But in the end, he was a convert. Not to mention a total champ. I don’t know too many grown dudes who would spend an hour sorting rhinestones.

I’m pretty much in love with my 3-D unicorn whom I have lovingly named Glitterbomb, since that’s pretty much what I did to it. <3 I think he shall have to be my new mascot.


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One comment on “Glitterbomb the Unicorn
  1. Paula says:

    Hi Moose! Nice to meet you and Glitterbomb

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