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The Chosen Mega Giveaway

*Drumroll please* Now that I have your attention 😀 In honor of the 4th and final book in the Chosen series, Queen of Shadow’s imminent release (which is up for pre-order btw!), I wanted to celebrate with a big ‘ol giveaway.

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Ancient curses, powerful magic, and a twisted druid that wants to murder them all.

What’s not to love? The Cursed Hearts series coming October 2018 by Meg Anne Writesand Jessica Wayne. Now’s your chance to read the first 5 chapters of Star-Crossed for FREE! 💫Blogger Sign Up→ ❤ Enter to win an ARC →  💫Add to TBR→

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Today’s the day! Reign of Ash is finally (A)LIVE! Now’s your chance to read the book everyone will be talking about! Here’s what some readers have already said: “This book was one of my most-anticipated books and I was not disappointed.”

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It’s the Final Countdown

I couldn’t help it, Every time I think of how close the release is, I start to sing that song to myself… alright sometimes I hardcore perform it… #sorrynotsorry With only 4 days to go until Reign of Ash goes live

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Let’s Start the New Year with a Giveaway! 🎁 🎉

In honor of Reign of Ash’s release (only 15 days to go!) I am holding a big ‘ol giveaway where you can win: Signed copies of both Chosen books A Kiri pendant A handmade silk magnolia bloom A magnolia bath bomb

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📖🎁 Two Massive Paperback Giveaways! 🎁📖

Looking for some hot reads and the chance to win a bucket o books? There are two massive giveaways with a chance to win a signed paperback copy of Mother of Shadows along with some of these other amazing books!

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